Dating birmingham proof marks

Vintage jewelry marks resource: you can search for “vintage jewelry marks” for information about the jewelry marks used by various jewelry companies one site i like to use is illusions jewels’ “researching costume jewelry” pages. Standard armisport enfield direct from the factory italian proof marks and serial number are very visible defarbed armisport enfield: serial number relocated to the bottom of the barrel, italian proofmarks removed, barrel polished and correct 1862 birmingham proof marks added. Proof marks will sometimes be found on the tubes like this, but more commonly on the flats 1896-1904 london proof for a rifle these marks show 1896-1904 proof marks 1904-1925 birmingham nitro proof birmingham nitro proof under 1904-1925 rules london nitro proof under 1904-1925 rules post 1925 proof birmingham proof under 1954-1989 rules this is a re-proof to an 1880s william powell. Brittish proof london proof in context birmingham proof in context proof masters in london and birmingham can be contacted at the addresses below: the proof master for metric proof the marks indicates proof pressure and not service pressure bl10 london & birmingham 1989. Birmingham maker's marks menu this page of birmingham maker's marks is organized alphabetically by the first letter in the mark this is an open ended project, new marks are continually added.

The worshipful company of gunmakers is one of the 110 livery companies of the city of london the gunmakers' company received a royal charter of incorporation in 1637 the company was, and still is, responsible for proof-testing gun barrels/actions for safety thus, unlike many livery companies, the gunmakers have retained a link to their trade. The town marks most often seen on english watches are the leopard's head of london, an anchor for the birmingham assay office, and a sword between three wheatsheaves for the chester assay office, most used by liverpool watchmakers. Can anyone direct me to a site that displays the proof marks from the birmingham proof house(or a publication) i have my great-great grandfather's double barrel side by side. Gentlemen, i am trying to establish the date range that some british proofs were stamped onto a early 1920's era walther pistol can any of you help me to determine when these stamps were used thanks, earl.

The perron, sole proof mark until dropped in 1810, since 1853 used to indicate inspection or proof of breeching system not used on revolvers can be either of these 1672 – 1810, 1853 - present: 2: replace #1 in 1810 sole proof mark until 1853, when it became the mark for definitive proof since 1893, used on muzzle loaders only. Antaris describes it as so - early eibar house proof mark of admission to proof used from december 14, 1929 - july 9, 1931 wirnsberger describes it as a mark used before 1923 on breechloading under-lever shotguns, and describes a nearly identical mark only as a mark used by eibar proof house between december 14, 1929 and july 9, 1931. The mark above is a trade mark on a mid-19th century silverplate piece manufactured by evans & matthews of birmingham, while the one below is on a sterling silver piece hallmarked by sheffield assay office in 1850, maker martin bros & co. The date letters below show the background shape for silver the same letters were used for gold, which has been marked in birmingham since 1824, but with a background of a square with cut corners.

British pewter marks of the 20th century- selected from the website of birmingham and sheffield england 1865 - c1966 this trademark used since 1899 alchemy pewter, sheffield, england england, since 1945 family of pewterers dating back to 1779 joseph wolstenholme pewter, sheffield, england, 1824-1857. There are many websites to communicate online however, chatroulette seems to be the most interesting one the roulette principle of matching the users’ profiles guarantees extraordinary communication experience. Colt 1911 proof mark(s) questions discussion in ' just trying to figure out what all the different proof marks mean thank you for the responses sparkyaz, apr 10, 2015 the particular british proofmark of crown over bnp was used in the british proof house located in birmingham, england starting in 1954 europeans are very strict about.

Birmingham proof house date codes from nigel brown, british gunmakers, vol 2, quiller press, 2005 for more than you ever wanted to know about firearms proof, with an emphasis on britain, download pdf file the hallowell & co illustrated firearms dictionary is for informational purposes only we do not necessarily offer the items described above for sale. A book containing all the currently valid, foreign and uk proof marks, is available at a small charge from the london and birmingham proof houses in general the importation of foreign arms, bearing no proof marks or bearing marks not now recognised is an offence, unless those arms are submitted to a proof house within 28 days of arrival. As a result, the birmingham proof house was established in 1813, by act of parliament, it was requested and obtained by the birmingham trade at its own expense almost 200 years later the purpose of the birmingham gun barrel proof house remains essentially unchanged and is able to offer many additional services to that of proof. Also be aware of the birmingham proof and birmingham view marks - respectively bp and bv - each under a crown with, for example, the bsa model 15 or bsa model 12/15 martini-actioned rifles, the view mark should be visible both on the barrel and on the action body rhs top.

Dating birmingham proof marks

Re: proof marks- birmingham - 10/18/14 05:13 pm the r in a circle could indicates that the barrel tubes were made by rose brothers of, hales owen,and as such could be one of their trade marks the 3 could be a component batch control mark some times seen when a number of lower cost guns of similar gauge/type were are manufactured at the same time. A good site that enables you to date small arms that have passed through the birmingham proof house dating your rifle - riflemanorguk last edited by neilo 24-02-2014 at 01:17. Proof marks: british proof marks - england, cont 2405 proof mark circa proof house type of proof and gun since 1856 birmingham provisional proof for barrels. Rules, regulations and scales, made in the month of april 2006 by the gunmakers' company and the guardians of the birmingham proof house.

  • Austrian proof marks proof mark circa proof house type of proof and gun proof marksengland cont british proof marks circa proof house type of proof and gun since 1856 since 1856 london birmingham provisional proof for barrels provisional proof for barrels cont cont cont marks small bore guns and handguns view stamp and inspectors.
  • Provided everything looks good, the pistol is re-assembled and receives the country’s cip proof mark indicating what type of test it passed (the eagle-n or “definitive” mark in the case of a german gun), the mark of the proof house, and marks indicating the date of the tests.
  • From a pdf of proof marks i got off the internet, the marks indicate: the crown with np below indicates it is definitive nitro proofed for all guns and the crown with bv below means it's a view mark (whatever that means) and both have been in use since 1904.

The next two marks indicate that two additional definitive tests were run on it by the birmingham proof house, a proof test (crown with bp) and a view test (crown with bv) the diamond shape with 12 c on it and the word choke. The london marks may be accompanied by private makers' marks, those for birmingham will be unofficial private proof and makers marks 1813 - 1855 the london provisional mark was introduced at some point during this proof period but even the proof house cannot be sure precisely when at this distance in time. Birmingham proof house reasons for proof regulations of proof methods of proof spanish proof certificate : back a-z index & search gun barrel proof marks markings on gun barrels and other gun components that indicate the level of pressure, calibre and standards that a weapon is fit for in service.

Dating birmingham proof marks
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